Third Party Exclusion program

    Crown understands that sometimes individuals may have difficulty in accepting their gaming problem or may be unwilling to access help for themselves. For this reason, Crown has a Third Party Exclusion Application available for family members or friends that are concerned about a loved one’s gaming. This application process enables family or friends to submit information outlining their concerns to Crown's Responsible Gaming Team.

    Submitting a Third Party Exclusion Application is a very serious undertaking and Crown always encourages the third party seeking to have a person excluded to discuss voluntary Self Exclusion with the person they are concerned about prior to lodging a Third Party Exclusion Application. The Responsible Gaming Team can assist and advise you on this. More information on Self Exclusion is available here

    Download the full Third Party Exclusion brochure here

    How do I lodge a Third Party Exclusion Application?
    To lodge a Third Party Exclusion Application:

    • Obtain a copy of the Third Party Exclusion Application form; either via the link below, in person from the Responsible Gaming Centre (RGC), via email or by calling 1800 801 098. The RGC is open 24 hours a day, 7 days per week with dedicated Responsible Gaming Advisors available to assist and provide information.
    • The Third Party Exclusion Application form contains a Statutory Declaration which must be completed by an authorised witness.
    • When submitting the Third Party Exclusion Application form, a recent photo of the subject of the Application must also be submitted, together with any other evidence that supports the Application.
    • If there is sufficient evidence to indicate that the subject of the Application is experiencing problems with their gaming, or that their gaming is causing harm to themselves or others, they will be contacted by Crown.
    • It is not a requirement that the subject of the Application is made aware of the Application. Crown’s Responsible Gaming Team can assist and advise on disclosure options available

    Download the Third Party Exclusion application form here

    For further information on how to help a family member or friend, click on the following link:

    When someone experiences problem gaming or gaming related harm, it takes its toll not only on the individual but also the ones closest to them. It is important for those affected by someone else’s problem gaming to remember that they too can seek help. If you need support please contact our team on 1800 801 098, via email at or in person at the Responsible Gaming Centre (RGC) 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. A map of the RGC location is available here.

    There is no need to make an appointment, we are always available.

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